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Slide by Garrett Leigh

Slide - Garrett Leigh

“Don’t you ever look back…”, because the boogey man is gonna get you.


Past the Prologue, into the first few chapters, I had no idea what I was in for reading Slide. Disregarding the Prologue, the book starts with Ash’s 1st person point of view, which I realize is an unreliable narrator. An excellent choice as Ash’s mind is unstable. He’s chaotic, delusional, and a great insomniac. He is also the sweetest young man, whose story immediately engages me and draws on my sympathy. Just knowing he lived homeless for several years makes me cringe. Ellie, his best friend, stepping forward and grabbing him away from that terrible time on the streets makes her a friend forever. Not until Ash meets Pete does he begin to care about something other than his artwork. But, the boogey man is always there in the recess of his mind. The reality of his existence counterbalances his feeling safe in Pete’s arms and bedroom.


Lovely Pete accepts Ash’s idiosyncrasies.


With Pete, I had this love/hate relationship. At first, I adore Pete as he is strong, compassionate, and he was crazy about Ash. They had been happy for a couple of years before trouble intrudes into their lives. To be fair, Pete suffers two work related incidents that messed up his judgment. Being a paramedic puts him into precarious positions. He has a run in with a violent wife beater who comes after him with a bat, and then Pete and his partner perform medical services for a teenaged male, badly beaten and horribly raped, who later dies in the hospital. The incidents throw Pete off his stride. Working insane hours, getting little rest, and constantly thinking about the violence in his life, I feel Pete is working himself into a burnout. And while he’s caught up in his own world, he doesn’t see the changes in his fragile lover.


Pete overreacts to a situation resulting in devastating consequences. It breaks my heart because all they had to do was talk to each other.


We give with the best of intentions yet we still can get it wrong.


Slide makes you feel the wide range of emotions from heartbreaking sadness to utter joy. Ash is the character we sympathize with, but Pete help us to remember even the strong needs help. Communication does go a long ways in heading off trouble.


The story is not without flaws. I disliked Pete using the “F” word in addressing Ash. I may not have enjoyed watching Pete’s fall from grace but it was necessary to the plot line. This is what storytelling is all about and I will rate the book for doing its job.


Garrett Leigh is a new author to me. To Garrett, I say well done to providing a compelling and evocative m/m romance.


Note: Do Italian cookers dislike using Ragu Sauce?


Highly Recommended


I received this book from the publisher for providing a fair and honest book review. No monies or monetary means have exchanged hands.

Source: http://twlibreviews.com/2013/11/review-slide-by-garrett-leigh